Thursday, 9 February 2012

Journey to Aldorf: Campaign Introduction

Every great adventure has a climatic end...

As I write this, I Peter Mostert swear by the light that keeps chaos at bay that this tale I am about to tell you is one such adventure. But to fully comprehend the grandness of such a tale I must first tell you how it began, for as interesting as this story ends in all its glory, the telling is in the first steps taken by four adventurers who walked its path, the glory they won and the sacrifices they made.

Some would later call them heroes, others would judge them murderers. Yet no one could deny they were touched by faith.

It's exact date eludes me now but it was a time when a great storm was brewing up north in the harsh lands of Norsca. A storm that was nearly the end of us all if not for the light of Sigmar!

I remember being afraid, and how thick the air smelled of broken dreams and shattered hope. But poetics aside it was the smell of fear and death which still wakes me up in the middle of the night till this day that I remember vividly. A foolish lord with glory in his heart, too much gold in his pocket and steel in his hand thought it wise to reclaim Marienburg the city of gold in the emperors name! 

A bit of history first... You see in 2429 IC Westerland formally seceded from the Empire and since then Marienburg has remained independent. Now a victory would have brought this lord great wealth and renown. With defeat? we'll I can't even remember his name any more buried along with his army in the Cursed Marshes. The young foolish lord seemed to have forgotten how easily gold motivates and changes the mind of sell-swords.

Fortunately for Marienburg it is far too valuable to the Empire's trade routes for it to be ostracized for long. 

Among the mutilated and dead, a beacon of light shone bright the night after the battle that would later be known as the Battle of "Fools Gold", for a lone camp fire illuminated the gloom of the acursed marshes surrounded by our 4 adventurers.

Looking back never would anyone phantom how bright and long that beacon would shine for the Empire...

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  1. I'm a beginner WFRP GM myself. I'm eagerly reading your blog.